Domaine Seguin Manuel

One hundred and eighty years after its foundation in 1824, Seguin-Manuel has been completely renewed since its acquisition by Thibaut Marion in 2004.


Forty five years old and born in a “vigneron family involved in the wine business for ten generations in Beaune, he started his career at the family winery Chanson for seven years. He uses today all his experience and energy to produce great wines.


Initially located in Savigny-lès-Beaune, new plots have been added to the domain in the villages of Beaune and Puligny-Montrachet since 2007 and more recently in Pommard, Meursault and Vosne-Romanée for a total of eight hectares of vineyards.



Vineyards are grown organically with no use of chemicals. Certification has been under way since 2012. The soil is ploughed in order to strengthen the roots. The date of harvest is decided when each plot has reached its full ripeness. Each plot is hand harvested.

Ploughing is used instead of herbicides and pruning is done to provide not just aeration to the bunches of grapes, but also to keep some distance between them so that Thibault might be able to reduce the need for anti-rot compounds.

A long-term, organic practice remains his preferred approach.

All the domaine wines come from hand-harvested grapes that go through a sorting table. De-stemming runs from partial to total depending on the vintage and cuvees.

Thibault aims to handle the grapes as gently as possible without unnecessary crushing. For the whites a pneumatic press is used, and once clarified, the juice is fermented and matured in older wood barrels.

The red wines are harvested late, mainly in October, but the wines show no hint of over-ripe aromas.

The red wines have their own style; built with strucuture and traditionally made but unlike those older bottles style the fruit is absolutely bright and ripe.

Thibault walks a tightrope here but the results are wonderful.

A small negociant activity has been developed lately but all his purchases are vinified at his winery. The range covers the Cotes de Nuits, Cotes de Beaune and the Côtes Châlonnaise.