Chateau Violet Lamothe

Chateau Violet Lamothe, formerly renowned for its finesse and the complexity of its wines has always aimed for a superior quality and found its place among the best growths of the Sauternes region.

Recently acquired by Jean Pierre Lahiteau who also owns Chateau Laribotte, another Sauternes, Chateau Violet Lamothe is an older and legendary estate, dating back from the end of the French revolution that was already listed in the 1855 Bordeaux classification.

The wine has a reputation for elegance, fruitiness and remarkable balance.

The vineyards are located in Preignac, about 25 miles south of Bordeaux on the left bank of the Garonne river, and are very diverse with mixed clay, gravel and pebbles soils that spreads over thirty distinct parcels.

The thirty acres vineyard is mainly planted with Sémillon grapes (95%) and also a small percentage of Sauvignon Blanc (4%) and Muscadelle (1%).

The vines are about sixty years old and the yields are quite low.

Hand picked harvest is conducted thru four to five passes in the vineyard in October to pick the small bunches at the right stage of over ripeness or as known locally “noble rot”.


Jean Pierre pursues sustainable growing methods with very limited use of pesticides and he owns his water purification system on site. He always put quality first and keeps his yields low, usually around 20hl/ha.

Only indigenous yeasts are used for the fermentation process which is thermo regulated at 68-70° Fahrenheit and last about three weeks. Only two racking of the tank are done before a tangential filtration.

Aging is done in a combination of cement tanks for two years and then in oak barrels for 12 to 18 months depending on the vintage.

The production is small, about 1,000 cases a year.